by Jason McCue

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Welcome to FEVER,
I try to tell a story through the song order, titles, characters, voices, etc, and hope the overlying themes come through clear.
So please enjoy! Let me know what you think of it (unless you think it sucks).



released April 22, 2016

Artwork/banjo in “Sweeetie (The Player)": Pieter Vandenkieboom
Mastering: Dan Siper

Monologue in "An Interlude": Excerpt from "Break, Break, Break" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, published in 1842

Special Thanks/LotsOfLove to:

Dan, Katie, and Alex for letting me know I like to make music.

Rosie, Frankie, and Adam for being forced to love me and stuff.


Whoever lives in the room next to the study cubical where I recorded this in my dorm building: You heard some weird noises coming from my mouth.




all rights reserved


Jason McCue Seattle, Washington

Jason is a musician in Seattle! Who records music onto his computer! Who plays music in front of people! Who can be reached at jasonmcq430@hotmail.com!

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Track Name: Donald & Valerie; 1969
She found a book that told her how to overlook
the parts of human sin and mortal skin that Daddy crucified and bought in
To the pull and ritual and beautiful sacrificial display of full
dismantle of corruption from above

(Daddy said "get out of this house, you blasphemous little jerk"
So she wandered her neighborhood streets until she found her local church)

Without a
Touch of grace of old LaVey who possessed her then to say
that Jesus would’ve frowned upon the evil of the Holy Ones, she
found a statue of the saint, the one whose patron was spray paint,
and decorated both his eyes with the sour number 6 three times

(Daddy wondered what had happened to the little girl he raised
Worried what neighbors might have to say of how his kid behaved...)

He went and
Looked around the tiny town and found his daughter’s white night gown
She must’ve ditched, that little bitch is naked and insane for all the
People to predict and for the artists to depict in all the
Papers to convict him of neglect, inflicting shame

(Following her tracks, he entered the woods where darkness rang him in
Seeming frightened and bit overwhelmed, he found an old cabin)

He reached and
Creaked the door a crack before he found what she had in store
Like Abraham, she was the lamb, in the center of a pentagram
Surrounding skulls of animals and compatible concrete candles
Littered the floor, a satanic whore laid naked in the central pore

(Muttering a Latin phrase to herself, she looked serenely sad
Her new master wasn’t conjured at all... Unless the Devil was her dad!)

She found a knife that would bring solace to her life
To make the Devil go back down to where he came from, and the sound
Of all her screams of “Discedere ad inferos” filling where they made the sacrifice
That horrid night lives in the past and with the light.

Da da da da da!
Track Name: Mistakes
I see it in your eyes this time, the route that’s best for you.
I know it when you sign your crime,
Mistakes are meant for you.

I’ve been inside your mind, your eyes are not the best of you.
You’re waiting for divine white lies
To show you what to do.
Track Name: An Interlude
"Break, break, break
At the foot of thy crags, O Sea!
But the tender grace of a day that is dead
Will never come back to me."
Track Name: Sweeetie (The Player)
"Oh my God, what a big ol’ mess I’ve made
For everyone, my position tragically is
For no one, such a pessimistic outlook,
I’m no fun. I’m the lunatic out in the sun.

Oh Sweeetie, dissonance is in your blood and
You look like someone took away our favorite toy,
You loved, you are sick open yourself to me,
Sweeetie, I am not the enemy, you know…"
Track Name: Soccer
Hey, how are you this morning, you were acting strange last night.
You were all over that guy with the blue cool E-Cig. Yeah, that’s right.
I was thinking of that memory that we both share of the time
We played soccer in your backyard and you fell down and cried.

I will leave you, you’ll want me to, we were never meant to
Grow up.
Track Name: Stable
What a way to tear myself apart
To destroy this work of art
That I thought I completed, I thought I
Was the man, the one whose helping hand
Would later be celebrated, but in reality,
I feel hated.

What a way to say I’m vulnerable
To what might seem stable
To what might seem like everything’s okay...
Okay, you’re right, it can’t work from this far,
We’re just too long apart
But maybe in a different life, we’ll see.

Oh my God, what have I done?
How could I lose that love?
Now, I drown both of my lungs
Until I cough up rum.

What a way to lose my best friend
Such a climactic end.
I’m so sick of telling myself
"It’s alright, it was bound to happen,
If not this fashion” and every cliche I can imagine.
Track Name: (Sweeetie Got Played)
"Yeah you were hot, as you came through
The gathering last Tuesday.
I know I saw your face that night.
You wore your black raincoat, yeah THAT night.
Over your sweater.

Yeah you were sad, as you went back
Over to the doctor and
He filled your prescription
All the way, he played your mind
I played your heart.
Yeah, you got played."
Track Name: An Infant
Track Name: Unkind
I’ve been thinking of everything I’ve ever said and thought
And of people that I knew
If you try it sometime, you’ll realize that you
Have no point of view
You know you are
Someone else’s dream
Someone who would seem

If you keep up with all your destructive tendencies,
You will just get more depressed.
And you’ll be full of guilt
When you have no control.
When the Fever is addressed.
You know you have
Nothing left to hide
Nothing, ‘cause you’ve been

And you know that you’ve been

Watching every television,
making every no-decision,
have another hit before
the bud starts to quit
before you stop until tomorrow
and it starts all over again.

I’ve been wondering what it would take to be happy
And also what “happy” is
Because if I could quantify a feeling,
It would be negative
You know you’re the
Song I almost heard
Or something as absurd
Some kind
You’re fine
Because you’re unkind
Track Name: Way Out West
You were in love with everything
Until you went to school
Until you went away
I was just trying to bring
You back into your cool
Back to where you’re okay
I understand everything,
but please talk to me.

I feel so helpless from this far,
so helpless that I can’t
Help you with all you’ve got
Here, I am thinking of you,
Of everything you do
Of the place where I’m not
I think we can make it,
but talk to me.

Maybe I’m being unfair,
but I’ve had enough.

I have no idea what you are
Always going through
But I’d like to know
It’s like I’m always in the wrong
This can’t go on too long
It’s long enough to show
I’ll lose my mind if I don’t
Talk to you.
Track Name: Garden
I can take you far away
Before the water comes to stay
To flood your city
Flood your pretty
Hair out of the way
You are such a specimen
of broken life and beauty in
This rotten town,
This sorry place you came from.

Be as patient as the walls that confine you
And keep the law
You start to worry, start to call
For someone that you know
Drink the liquid, drink our poison
All that alcoholic noise, and
All your pride that’s all inside that
Garden you have loved.
Track Name: The Fever
It's hard to be patient when all you think about is all you can think about
Track Name: Val's Dead!
Valerie, wait up for me. You can’t go yet, I’m not ready.
Valerie, can you see me? I can see you just perfectly.

Valerie, please marry me before the monster steals away your teeth.
Valerie, under your tree, we’ll sleep forever in serenity.

I don’t care about your hair, you’re just as pretty as you used to be.
Remember when we first met? Do you remember that, Valerie?

Your dad died in '69, it’s been so long, will you remember him?
Your teeth are chattering, it won’t be this cold in Heaven.

Valerie, please don’t leave; I know you have to, but I can be a thief.
I won’t stall, I won’t be long. I’ll be with you soon Valerie.
Until then I’ll have you in my dreams.
I’ll be with you soon Valerie.
I’ll be with you soon Valerie.
Track Name: (BONUS TRACK) White Trash Noise
That's the girl that doesn't ever change
That's my world without any Mistakes
As I swirl inside and fluctuate, taking my time

Now I feel so happy I could cry
Now, I've healed with no money supply
That's the girl that I just want to tie
Around my eyes

That's my own fault that I am alone
Without no one to pick up the phone
So I go back to the store and moan
That I'm just fine

Let's begin without looking backwards
Let's be inside our own chapter
Let's pretend just like we are actors
Reading a line

That's the girl that doesn't ever change